Menopause and Merino

Menopause and Merino

Menopause and Merino.

Are you thinking “what a strange combination”?

Let me explain……one is pain and the other a solution…of sorts.

Yes I know what it’s like. Thankfully I have come out the other end of it but I watch so many women suffering through it.  You’d think that periods and pregnancy would be enough and then wham!….along comes menopause.  Those heat waves that creep up from your toes to the top of your head in a quick flash and are all consuming…..they don’t care if you are in an important meeting or sitting on the beach.

They just keep coming.

Merino Split Wrap

Those damp and clammy sheets in the mornings aren’t a great way to start your day.  For me it was natural remedies that worked their magic but I know for some of you, no matter what you try, you have to suffer through.  Sometimes it seems that only our pets understand that our moods are understandably like a pendulum.

So, what do you wear to camouflage these moments?

I can tell you what you DON’T wear:



..fitted clothes


None of these breathe so all they do is make matters worse.

Layers are great, but make sure to leave those tea stained tee shirts in the drawer because often you will need to lose all the top layers and you don’t want to take off your designer outfit to reveal one of those!  But, don’t wear layers that look like a tent either.

Natural, organic fabrics are the best.   Cotton makes a great first layer and linen always works.

But, have you thought about merino in the winter?

Yes I know it’s wool but it is unique…well, not all merino is created equally….keep away from those imported cheap varieties.  They are covered in chemicals and resins and will only make you feel worse.   Cheap is definitely not cheerful.


OBR MERINO uses the finest 19 micron merino and it is organic, non-itch, non-pill and it breathes!
Yes, you heard breathes.

It has amazing wicking properties that work like magic. When you have “those moments “ the perspiration is gently absorbed from your body into the fabric without any odours what so ever  (As opposed to regular lambswool which smells dreadful when damp).

You don’t want to smell like a piece of damp carpet now do you?

So there you have it in a nutshell.

Layer up with OBR merino to look and feel fabulous…even when those moments come crashing upon you like tidal waves.

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