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Our Fine NZ Merino wraps, ponchos and capes are the new look in sophisticated glamour. Plush, luxurious and very soft.

Jan Turley designer

Introducing Jan Turley - Designer

Jan is the designer or the OBR merino brand which is well known throughout New Zealand and indeed getting noticed around the world not only for daily use, but especially good for travel.

She has been involved in the fashion industry for more years than she cares to admit, however, there is one secret she willingly shares.

The merino that OBR uses is her passion. Never being able to wear wool next to her skin because of her allergies, this merino is like a dream come true. Being chemical free and therefore non allergenic she now wears this merino wool next to her skin skin knowing she will have no bad reactions. Bliss!

Jan writes a blog about many topics that interest women over 40+.

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I am wearing the one I bought for myself as I type!! I was in NZ in the middle of a 6 month sabbatical in rural India - I was always so grateful for mine because it was SO cold at night in India and there was no glass at the windows and no heating!! Great product!
true to label merino
Oxfordshire UK
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