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merino wool clothing

I am attempting to help you to realise you can make choices that are good for you when buying merino.

Personally, I am sick and tired of hearing cheap merino garments for sale or worse still, labels that are in good stores that are not cheap not being true to label.

Labels and stores that you think you can trust.

Surely you have a right to know what is added to this merino.

Not only is our merino wool grown in New Zealand and Australia – but more importantly, it is processed here as well.

My first photo shows you a photo of wool in it’s cleaned state and in yarn form. Do you notice it is cream in colour?

That is because we only wash and scour out all the dirty bits in the natural wool with hot, clean water, over and over.

Then the wool is processed using dyes that are not harmful to the environment. 85% of the water used is then reuseable.

Our merino wool is Australian Certified Organic.

merino wool clothing

Our merino products are “true to label”. Just like this photo shows 100% mint, you can see and smell that it is mint….

Food labelling is strict so why not fabric labelling?

Our products are pure merino.

merino wool clothing

Grown in pristine conditions the merino grows the longest, finest fibres. These are composed of protein. Think of your hair. It is also protein.

The merino sheep themselves may not be the prettiest but as long as they are grown here in NZ or Australia you can be assured they grow the finest wool.

We use between 18 and 19.5 microns to ensure we get the strongest, finest quality wool.

merino wool clothing

HOWEVER…..any garment you buy that is made in China and has a merino label is a LIE.

In China, wool is pure white before then being dyed. Why is that? It is much cheaper to clean the wool using bleach…yes, you heard correctly, chlorine bleach.

It’s through a process called carbonising, where the wool goes through an acid bath to clean the wool of dirt, vegetation and sheep droppings. The acid bath weakens the wool, but leaves it looking snowy-white.

In China there is NO environmental quality control. Arsenic and DDT are residual in the wool. It’s a bit like walking into the home of someone who smokes: you can’t see it, but you know a smoker lives there.

merino wool clothing

Did I mention formaldehyde? You know it’s a carcinogenic?

This and arsenic are used in China during the process of the merino wool that becomes garments that come here labelled “merino”.

Would you use these harsh chemicals in your hair?

So, why put it on your skin to be absorbed into your system or cause possible itchiness or rashes.

Yes, garments out of China are cheaper, but they have been processed with acids and the wool has low strength.

Cheap merino is used and coated with all these nasties to bulk it up.

A cheap garment made of cheap, carbonized wool, is weak – it “pills” easily, and doesn’t last. A good high-quality merino garment is strong and durable and it will last you for years. Which do you think is the better option?

merino wool clothing

Pure, honest, clean, chemical free merino  

“true to label”


merino coated with chemicals?

Our merino travel wraps have the amazing properties of non pill, non itch, wicking perspiration off your skin, keeping you warm without weight…..and so many more.




Jan Turley designerJan Turley


Jan Turley is dressed courtesy of OBR Merino and Baker St.  To See The Collection of stylish travel wraps and fashion made from 100% New Zealand Merino wool head to the OBR Merino website.