ATHLEISURE The latest buzzword in fashion is “Athleisure”

ATHLEISURE The latest buzzword in fashion is “Athleisure”

Yes I know it’s hard to believe. It’s one of those made-up terms that are so ridiculously nonsensical as to be perfectly descriptive.  We’re talking about anything from designer to casual sweats to layering pieces to absurdly fancy  gym clothes. OBR merino is perfect for the “Athleisure look. Our 100% merino is soft yet warm and of course very light.

Take this asymmetric hooded top. Wear it with leggings to take you anywhere.  

Or for a more simple yet comfortable top Amber is wearing our batwing with a bit wide bottom band.

This is a topic I explored in depth the northern hemisphere autumn winter 2018. 

I took note of the trend of retailers opening new sport and athleisure stores throughout USA and Europe—including Without Walls from Urban Outfitters and Lou & Grey, the popular loungewear collection from Loft—in recent months.

Now You Know!

Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the people who wear yoga pants anywhere. It’s real comfort dressing.

Some companies are describing their Athleisure clothes  as “après sport” or “gym-to-the-office.”

It’s fairly clear that Athleisure is becoming bigger than a trend.

 This has also been evidenced by the number of people who seem to think it appropriate to wear leggings or yoga pants practically anywhere, but I digress.

There is clearly an overwhelming desire for leisure and sport clothes that are comfortable and stylish.

Personally I love this style of dressing.  Being able to wear my favourite sport leggings and shoes with a splash of colour and style in one of our easy fit merino tops makes for a comfortable day no matter where that day takes me.

So until next time, check out our “new release” styles…..both regular and plus sizes.


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